It’s a baby bump!

Just two weeks ago, we finally announced our biggest news yet: We are having a baby boy! Zach and I can hardly wait for this sweet little piece of heaven to come join our family!

When I saw those double blue lines on that pregnancy test, I couldn’t have been more excited! It was early morning and Zach was still asleep. I had been testing negative, but I just knew that those tests were wrong. So I gave myself one last chance and that’s when those double lines appeared and made me the happiest girl alive! Thankfully Zach didn’t sleep more than 5 minutes after I climbed back into bed. If I had had to wait much longer to tell him, I think I would’ve exploded!

We are now 19 weeks and it’s starting to feel real! The morning sickness is dying down, the baby bump is starting to pop out, and stretchy pants are all I wear! With all these changes to our reality, our day-to-day has changed a bit and these are the top five reasons why:

  1. Morning sickness does not stop when the morning ends. It lasts late into the afternoon and reappears before the sun goes down. It’s been a real struggle but thankfully at 18 weeks, it is slowing down. Now we are crossing our fingers that it stays away!
  2.  Food cravings come quick and they don’t last long. I haven’t had any strange cravings, but Otterpops, Zupas, Costa Vida, Papa Johns, and Nutella cravings are common! Once they hit, I’ve got to have it within about 30 minutes. If we wait too long, the sound of food sounds terrible and I’m back to the couch with my soda crackers.
  3. The crying just comes. Happy or sad, good day or a bad day, I’ll cry over any story! Really the tears come without me even calling them. I just get so emotional over EVERYTHING. I might be laughing one moment and in the blink of an eye, I can have tears rolling down my face because “it’s just too cute!”
  4. I’ve never been this tired. Seriously though, I thought all nighters in college were bad. I had no idea what I was talking about. Now, I can sleep 9 hours at night, take a two hour nap and still be exhausted before 6:00pm. Creating a tiny human in my body is no easy job!
  5. Netflix is heaven sent. I’ve never been a big TV fan, but on my terribly sick days, Netflix has kept me entertained for hours. I’ve never watched so many cheesy, romantic love stories in my life. If you need any recommendations, I’m your girl!

Like I have already said, and could say a million more times, we are stoked to be parents and to start a little family of our own! To celebrate being 19 weeks, here’s a little baby bump picture for you all!




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