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I started out holding a camera because I thought the world was beautiful. Now, I hold a camera to capture you and your people in moments you want to keep forever. If that isn't the dream, I don't know what is!




Zach & I have been wanting to do a California road-trip for quite some time now! I was SUPER excited when we finally got the chance a couple of weeks ago! We started our trip in Newport Beach! I have an aunt that lives near by and she was kind enough to let us stay with her! We got to go on a Segway Tour (literally the best thing EVER), a boat ride to find the dolphins and whales, and took naps on the beach!

For our second part of the trip we traveled to San Diego where Zach has some cousins! We visited the San Diego Temple, a beach that had a million seals, and ate at In N Out (is it really a trip to California without eating In N Out Burger!?) We ended up back in Mesa for the 4th of July so at the end you’ll see some fun pictures of Fireworks!

Will you just look at how cute that little baby dolphin is!?! I was dying!

On the left is me with my Aunt Marie in Newport!

Hello Segway Tour! Literally the best idea Zach has ever had! I was a little nervous at first riding them. They are kind of hard to get used to, but once we got it, it was SO fun! I would rent these again ANY day! We did our tour through Fun Tours, who we found on Groupon.

Look at this guy’s pride!

Zach with my Aunt Marie!

For the 4th of July we were back in Tempe, AZ!

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