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I started out holding a camera because I thought the world was beautiful. Now, I hold a camera to capture you and your people in moments you want to keep forever. If that isn't the dream, I don't know what is!




Meet Duvan and Sally: our first 2017 bride and groom! These two are perfect for each other.. like for reals! They met through a mutual friend that had tried to set them up several times. When they both finally agreed to get in contact with one another, Duvan didn’t waste one minute! He called Sally that day & the two have talked every day since then!

Their engagement session was quite the adventure for Zach & I. We were so thrilled for a mini road trip! The drive up the mountain seemed to take forever because I just wanted to get out & explore!  When we started seeing bits of snow… I just about died! Poor Zach heard me repeat “oh my goodness! Look at the SNOW!” probably at least a hundred times before we got to our meeting point.

Duvan and Sally were just as surprised as we were that the mountain was covered in snow! Thankfully the sun was out so it wasn’t freezing, just a bit chilly! Duvan & Sally giggled, hugged, & were so adorable during the entire session! These two just radiated with happiness! We can’t wait to capture their special day here in just a couple of short weeks!

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