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Family Vacation | North Rim

The Grand Canyon did not disappoint! It was my first time there and I was so giddy and excited to be there! Zach had already been and he even hiked it as a kid! So had the rest of the family! Zach’s Grandpa was turning 80 and his family spent lots of time at the GC growing up, so it was the perfect spot for the big party! 

We loved walking to the different viewpoints and looking out over the valley!  Besides spending time with family, my favorite part was the cute little log cabins we got to stay in! They reminded me of the log builder toys I played with as a kid! Anyone else play with them growing up? By the end of the trip, Zach and I both decided it was time we added hiking the Grand Canyon together on our list of must-do’s! 

The adorable little cabins we got to stay in.
Payson was too tired for pictures.
The group! (iPhone picture!) We missed those that couldn’t make it!

I can’t get over Payson’s adorable face here!

Zach, Payson, Nama, & Papa walking to a lookout point!

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