Kevin & Brooke were the winners of our Valentine’s Day Giveaway! It just happened that their plans to take engagement pictures in St. George with Kevin’s dad were ruined by all of the weekend rain we’d been having. That same weekend, they won our giveaway for a mini session! Talk about perfect timing! These two are super adorable and I am so glad I got to work with them! Not only were they the perfect clients, they also saved my fingers…

 At the end of our session, I got a jumping cactus stuck in my hand! Seriously, so painful and so embarrassing! Kevin & Brooke tried to get it out but didn’t have any luck. After a good half hour, Brooke was nice enough to drive me in my car (because it was in my hand, I couldn’t drive) back into town to find a first aid kit. Kevin followed behind in their car. I had to try not to wince in pain every time we hit a bump. Seriously, I am a whimp! But can you blame me? More of the cactus kept getting stuck into new places on my finger!

When we arrived, we headed straight into the store and everyone’s eyes immediately went straight to the cactus dangling from my hand. I waited by the front, hoping that I would avoid getting more attention but that didn’t work so well. An older man dressed head to toe as a true cowboy walked over to me and asked if I wanted him to get it out. Uhh.. is that even a question? PLEASE. He looked me straight in the eye and said “You might scream. We better take this outside.”  Me:”Uhm… I think I change my mind!”

He whipped out a pocketknife. Oh boy.  He put the back of his knife on the cactus and just ripped the cactus out of my hand!  Thankfully, I didn’t scream. It was actually a lot less painful than I had imagined. Kevin & Brooke came out with the First Aid Kit they originally had gone looking for and I’m sure I looked like an idiot with a huge smile of relief on my face! Bless that cowboy for carrying a pocketknife. Kevin plucked out the straggling parts of the cactus left in my hand and they went on their way. So there you have it. Probably the most entertaining session I’ve had yet this year! I am so thankful that Kevin & Brooke were so sweet and helped me during my cactus situation! I am also grateful  it all happened at the very end of our session so we still got some adorable engagement pictures for them. Check them out!

I'm Sarah, an Arizona girl living my dream as a wife, mama & photographer. My specialities are newborns and family portraits.

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