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I started out holding a camera because I thought the world was beautiful. Now, I hold a camera to capture you and your people in moments you want to keep forever. If that isn't the dream, I don't know what is!




The heat in Mesa can be brutal during the summer so Zach & I are always grateful for opportunities to get away. We originally had planned to go to California for Memorial Day weekend, but we had to change plans because of Zach’s summer school class. It ended up being a great change in plans because we spent our time with my brother’s family and my cousin’s family (somehow they escaped without us getting a single picture of them) up in Pinetop! It was a quick trip from Saturday to Monday, but it was fabulous! We went fishing, watched movies, had a sleepover with Kristi (my niece), and just enjoyed hanging out.

I guarantee that Zach’s favorite part about the trip was going fishing. He got up for sunrise fishing the first day we were there and caught like CRAZY. He was so excited, that the next day he went again and convinced me to go along! I haven’t been fishing since I was a kid. In fact, the last time I remember fishing was on a lake up near this same cabin! (I was little enough that I only remember because there is a picture to prove it!) The fish weren’t as hungry the second day, but we did catch one guy. He was a Walleye. I had never heard of that kind of fish before, but he was pretty neat looking!

Overall, the weekend was a success and we had such a blast! I can hardly wait for our next adventure!

Kristi absolutely adores her Uncle Zach. She insisted on having her picture taken with him!

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