finally went through all our pictures from our Peru trip! It has been quite the project. We had so many different cameras with us. Like for reals, we had 2 cameras and both of our cell phones that we used to take pictures. We didn’t get to bring my 5d (for safety), so I guess I got a little carried away with the other cameras instead! haha!

There are so many reasons I wanted to go back to Peru. In 2014, I moved to Peru as a missionary for my church. I jumped on the plane knowing literally no Spanish & couldn’t have been more frightened & excited. At first it was so hard being away from home. It felt nothing like what I was used to & I didn’t understand anyone. But with time and the help of my Peruvian friends, I fell in love with this country! I love the culture, the food, the people, & everything else about it. I wanted to show Zach all the places I had lived, been, & taught.

We started our trip in Lima! It is the capital of Peru & is a huge place! I lived in Chorrillos. It is right on the coast and it is beautiful! From the minute we left the airport, people were snickering at the two white kids that were speaking Spanish. (Zach speaks Spanish as well). At first I stumbled over my Spanish as I tried to barter with people, but it didn’t take long for Zach & I both to be talking fluently again.

The house behind us in the middle picture is where I lived for a short time! The girl on the far left (in the floral print) was my companion. We taught the families in this area together for 6 months. The girl on the right was one of the cute ladies who attended our church.

Miss Marina (blue shirt) here is the one of the best Peruvian cooks I have ever met. Seriously, she makes a mean arroz con leche & incredible ají de gallina. Just sayin’.

The home of the President of Peru.

Our second stop was Cañete. We had to take a bus down from Lima to get there. We spent just one afternoon in Cañete. We spent our time with a cute family that used to cook lunch and dinner for me. It was so fun to see them! It felt like it was just yesterday that I lived here.

Our journey continued in Ica! I lived here for the first six months of my journey in Peru. It’s where I fell in love with the people, the language, and the culture of Peru. It will always have a special place in my heart because I learned so much from all these beautiful people!

Just outside of Ica, there is a little Oasis if you will that is called Huacachina. It is where all the sand dunes are! It is quite the attraction for tourists & we couldn’t help stopping by there ourselves. We got to ride in a large car _____ & try sand boarding for the first time! And to Ayacucho we went! We took the night bus to get there. The last half hour of the trip as you come down the mountain & into town, the roads have lots of turns. It still made me just as icky feeling as the fist time I road the bus into Ayacucho. But it was totally worth it! I hadn’t seen the people here in almost 2.5 years! Yes, yes that is a guinea pig. They are considered a delicacy in Peru & they are absolutely delicious! They sorta taste like chicken.The motor car on the left is a typical type of taxi in Peru. After Ayacucho, Zach & I decided that we needed to have some us time! We traveled to Cusco, Peru! We couldn’t possibly have come all the way to Peru without visiting the famous Machu Picchu! Just wait, you don’t want to miss these pictures. Machu Picchu is beautiful!

I am so thankful that Zach & I were able to go back and visit this sweet country. I love Peru & the family we have there. We love you all!

I'm Sarah, an Arizona girl living my dream as a wife, mama & photographer. My specialities are newborns and family portraits.

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